GPS Antenna

Product Type X SeriesM_SeriesL Series
Frequency 1575.42MHz ±3MHz1575.42 ± 3 MHz1575.42 ± 3 MHz
Peak Gain at 0° (7cm x 7cm ground plane) 4dBic Min. 4dBic Min. 4dBic Min.
Amplifier Gain without cable 27dB@2.7VDC / 36dB@6VDC12dB to 40dB depend on model12dB to 28dB depend on model
Noise Figure 1.5dB Typ.1.4 to 2.0 depend on model1.5dB Typ.
DC Voltage 2.7 to 6 V2.7 to 6 V depend on model2.7 to 6 V depend on model
DC Current 9.5±2.5mA3.5 to 25mA depend on model5 to 22mA depend on model
Housing Material ABSABS+PCPC
Weight(without Cable) 32 grams max. 42 grams max. 46 grams max.
Dimension 36 x 36 x 13.9mm48 x 40 x 13mm50 x 50 x 17mm
Waterproof IP67 IP56IP56