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ALLISCOM delivers high performance 5GHz Directional Antenna for Railway applications


June 23, 2015 – ALLISCOM ( has announced FA512/ FB512 high performance directional antenna which performs the unlicensed band as 5GHZ and this antenna is designed for railway applications such as train, metro, auto-mining system and the others maybe traveling along rails.


The FA512/ FB512 both are directional, high gain, high isolation and high efficiency antenna connected with mesh/node controllers. This antenna can be mounted on pole-line or trackside, or driver’s cabin and its high performance can be capable of doing a real-time DATA, VIDEO, and VOICE streaming that requires strong & steady signal strength, fast throughput and none of data loss. Besides just-in-time service, the most critical mission is to saving people’s life in case of emergency.

FA512/ FB512 both are very different from other competitor’s products with higher gain @12dBi in a flat and compact housing, having been tested with those well-known mesh/node controller manufacturers who were very impressive about their high performance ever. In addition, its waterproof design @IP67 is good for using in indoor and outdoor harsh environment.” said Albert Ke, President of Allis Communications.

FA512/ FB512 antenna is available for purchase from ALLISCOM by contacting

For more information please visit to
ALLISCOM’s website

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